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MAY 1, 2018

Join Ev Joel Torres and Rev. Mike Bearden as the review the upcoming new broadcast "RID THE FALLEN" sharing in more detail as to what will be discussed and presented in the series of different topics concerning over coming the strong holds of dark forces of the enemy over home, family and individual spiritual well being.

APRIL 3, 2018

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Ev. Joel Torres and Rev. Mike Bearden share a more comprehensive introduction to their new upcoming broadcast program 'Rid The Fallen" and the many topics that will be discussed.

March 14,2018
New Upcoming Broadcast
Join Evangelist Joel Torres on a new broadcast soon to come entitled "KINGDOM BIRTHRIGHT" as he shares about a birthright of Kingdom benefits we receive through the justification of the Cross our deliverance and healing in body, soul, spirit, and mind.

February 19-2017

Hey, everyone, this is Evangelist Joel Torres as Rev Mike and I are working behind the scenes we will later in the next coming months have a new series called "RID THE FALLEN" which we also developed a separate website in which will be just for this particular topic which deals with demonic oppression and demonic attacks on individuals and or their homes we will be placing articles as we prepare the series so please feel free to answer small surveys if you and or someone you know are going through such attacks we will also personally pray for homes that are going through these demonic attacks which we have currently been doing contact us if you would like our services in this area.
Link to new website:

Meanwhile, I have started a small new series called, "THOUGHT FOR THE DAY" on my facebook page, go to our main page in which I have inserted one of the video broadcast from my series called "DO IT WITH EXCELLENCE" enjoy we'll keep you inform and updated as we continue to grow this ministry thank and God bless

Evangelist Joel Torres

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Thank you and God bless, your brothers in Christ,
Rev. Mike Bearden & Evangelist Joel Torres

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Evangelist Joel Torres & Rev. Mike Bearden

There are no current broadcasts scheduled at this time, we are currently working on book series.  We will come together later sometime in the next few months with another broadcast, we'll be sure to let you know when that happens.

Thank you and God bless

Rev.Mike Bearden & Ev. Joel Torres

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